What does the word hypnotized mean

Someone is “hypnotized” when put into a trance by the deliberate words, actions and suggestions of another person. A hypnotized person is in a monoideistic dissociated state in which attention is narrowed, and they are very focused on the voice and actions of the hypnotist, usually to the exclusion of all else; although s/he will probably remain aware of background noises etc, generally these will seem irrelevant and peripheral – the overwhelming focus of attention will be on the hypnotist’s instructions and suggestions. A few people (less than 10%) may have no awareness when hypnotized; respond automatically to everything suggested to them, and have no memory of what happened during trance, but even these individuals will not do anything that is fundamentally offensive to them if such is suggested. They simply would not respond, or exit trance immediately – and probably be very angry!

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