Is hypnosis fake

Hypnosis is a real phenomena.
In hypnotic trance person is more open to suggestion and is less inhibited by automatic, reflexive responses. In the context of a stage show, this means that a person who is usually shy may help put on a good show for the audience by following the suggestions of the hypnotist. In the clinical sense, it often means tricking, persuading, or easing a patient out of an undesirable habit or fear.
It might have been Milton Erickson who said “there are no poor subjects, only inflexible hypnotists.”
If by this question you mean “Is the person being made to do something against his or her will?” the answer is no. Subjects must be willing participants for stage hypnosis to work. Stage hypnotists purposely set a scene that implies mystery, and power over others. That is showmanship. So it could also be said that a good hypnotist is able to convince people to be willing participants!
There is some controversy on certain issues, such as the question “Are people able to do things they are not able to do in a normal state of mind?” State theorists will answer yes, while non-state theorists will say that everything that is seen in “trance” can be similarly explained as either distraction (in the case of heightened pain tolerance) or will alone.

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