How do you hypnotize your parents

Hypnotizing your parents is one of the hardest things to do. I am going to take it from your question that you already know a little bit about hypnotism. So you will know that to hypnotize someone, you need to have them fully relaxed. This is what makes hypnotizing parents so difficult. Parents are often extremely stressed, so before we get to hypnotizing, you are going to have to lay a bit of ground work. The first thing you need to do is make sure you do all your chores around the house. The next step is to do a few chores around the house that your parents normally do. This will surprise them and realise a lot of their stress. You are almost there. The next thing to do is to make dinner, make an extravagant 5 course meal. This has two main objectives; 1) Your parents can relax with their feet up 2) A big meal helps to put them into a sleepy mood. You are now ready to strike. First you will need to play some hypnotic audio, such as relaxing music with a nature theme like running water. Then speak in a whispering tone to your parents and follow Emilie Coue’s hypnotic technique

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