Can you hypnotise anyone

An ambiguous question!

Can anyone be hypnotised? In short, yes – if they’re willing and interested in being hypnotised most people (80%+) can be hypnotised, although the degree of hypnosis attainable will vary considerably from person to person, and is determined by a number of factors – eg personality, imaginative power/ “fantasy proneness”, ability to concentrate/ follow instructions uncritically, exact relationship with/ degree of trust in the hypnotist etc..

Some people can not be hypnotised – either because unwilling, or because they simply do not have the right personality traits or mindset. Generally, really unintelligent people are not very responsive; nor are those who are overly “controlling” or unwilling to trust others. Usually, the most responsive people are stable personalities with above average intelligence, and well developed powers of concentration and imagination. “Creative” and “artistic” (especially actors/ performers/ musicians) types are usually highly responsive, as are those whose work routinely requires highly focused concentration – eg laboratory workers, jewellry makers/ restorers, computer programmers, instrument technicians et al.

Can I hypnotise anyone? Yes – the methods used vary considerably depending on the individual situations.
Generally, hypnotic states can be induced by simple, clear repitition of specific words/ phrases; especially effective if combined with some means of focusing attention.

There are numerous other methods that can be used to hypnotise people. Generally, however, all that’s really necessary is rapport/ trust, and a means of focusing attention on a single point or idea combined with a method of inducing progressive relaxation. Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state which most enter spontaneously on a regular basis throughout their day (eg “daydreaming”; absorbed totally in reading or a movie; performing everyday tasks “on autopilot” etc), and “hypnotising” someone is really just an intense form of interpersonal communication which deliberately induces such a state. It’s an art which can be learned by anyone who is reasonably empathetic, and able to communicate clearly and reassuringly with others.

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