How do you hypnotize people

Someone who wants to experience hypnosis can usually be easilyhypnotized – assuming they’re of normal intelligence and able tofollow instructions!

Ask the person to sit comfortably; tell them to breath in deeplyand relax.

Gently hold the left hand, smile, and gaze steadily into the lefteye. Gently move the left hand up and down whilst telling theperson to keep absolutely still. Whilst moving the hand up and downtell him/ her over and over that they are not moving their hand andhave no wish to move the hand. Tell them that their feet aretotally immobile; their legs are immobile; their torso and arms areimmobile etc… keep smiling reassuringly, and keep moving the hand- up and down, up and down…

Tell them, gently but insistently, that all they now want to do issit absolutely still and listen to your voice. Keep moving the handgently up and down, and tell them that if they wish to close theireyes they can do so. Keep telling them how relaxed they are; howgood they feel; how well they’re doing… they are entering a stateof deep hypnosis, and feel very safe and secure.

In almost all cases, at this point, their eyelids will flutter (theeyes may roll upwards into the head) and close. Their head andshoulders will probably slump; their eyes will probably be movingrapidly under the eyelids, and if you break contact with the handit will either remain suspended in the air, or it may continue tomove up and down as if of its own accord. The person is nowcompletely hypnotized, and will be very responsive to furthersuggestions.

With a willing and responsive person this process will probablytake only about 5 minutes. It does not work with everyone, but Ihave found it to be highly effective with the majority of those whoactively want to be hypnotized because they’re curious to have theexperience.
I am assuming you are asking how to hypnotize people?

If so, there are many ways and it depends on your intentions.Common “stage” uses include appearing to read one’s mind,implanting suggestions to get a desired outcome, cluck around likea chicken etc, and “therapeutic” uses would be to help someone quitsmoking, ease their pain, get rid of phobias etc.

There are many methonds that vary in difficulty, and practice makesperfect.

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