Do people can be hypnotize against their will

….not if they are trying not to be, Someone can be hypnotized without realizing it if they are open to suggestion and/or easily led, but someone who actively works against hypnotic suggestion cannot be put under. One important thing to know and remember is….all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. Some part of our psyches wants to enter another level of our consciousness.
I remember the first time I was hypnotized, my friend/hypnotist told me that the next cigarette I smoked would smell like burning rubber. While he was trying to “put me under”, I felt sorry for him because I didn’t feel anything happen, didn’t lose consciousness, etc. Then he gave me the command to “wake up”. I opened my eyes, still not feeling like anything had happened to me. While the two of us discussed the experience, I lit up a cigarette without thinking. Imagine my shock when the whole room smelled like the Goodyear Tire Factory burning down!!

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