Can snakes hypnotize people

Most snakes don’t but I have an interesting story

My Granpa had an experience but he wasn’t the victim.. He was the witness… He and his few friends were out in the mountains and for some reason they decided to saparate and then to reunite at a certain place was their plan.. When they thought they had all reunited, they found out that one of their friends didn’t make it back so they went back looking for him… Then My granpa actually saw the friend caressing and touching a huge python… and my granpa tried calling him but he wouldn’t hear my granpa.. and a few minutes later the python started to open it’s mouth probably decided to engulf him… their other friend shot the snake in the head and killed it…. Later the(victim) guy gained consciousness and was asked why he didn’t answer them when they were calling him, he replied ” Maybe I was dreaming but I saw(the python as) a very beautiful girl seducing me.” . I believed my granpa when he told us about it and I still do. and I do believe some snakes CAN at some place( such as my country Myanmar where My grandpa said this happened there) may still be able to hypnotize their preys.

P.S I also read an article which was very similar to my grandpa’s experience. In which the (victim) guy actually talked about it. So ya I believe some snakes CAN hypnotize.

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