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How to heal dislocated rib

I get cortisone injections and use a rib belt
The best thing to do is to have an evaluation by a primary careprovider, like a medical doctor or a chiropractor to make surethere nothing more serious going on, like a fracture or a completedislocation. The chiropractor may try to adjust it and put it backin place. But most often, the best treatment is time. The rib willnaturally find its way back into its spot after the musclesassociated with it have stopped being in spasm. Massage willprobably not help, either. If you are having problems withactivities if daily living, like putting on your cloths, eating,brushing your teeth, etc, then it probably is a good idea to see aprimary care provider, otherwise, let nature do its thing and itshould go back in place in a few days.

I don’t know if this is an “improvement” to the answer, but here’swhat worked for me. I couldn’t breath deeply without some seriouspain. I was dealing with a head-and-chest cold and needed to haveproductive coughs to clear my chest. That wasn’t a problem, as Ididn’t need to breathe deeply to be able to cough that way. But onetime, unexpectedly and involuntarily my body forced me to breathedeeply on a cough, and it was sharply painful, so much so that Iforgot to cough, but as I breathed in deeply quickly, I felt a”pop” exactly where the pain was. At first I thought I hurt myselffurther, but immediately thereafter I was able to breath deeply ondemand and with zero pain. So all I can say is, what worked for mewas a quick, sharp, and full breath sucked in. It popped whateverwas out of place, into place. Purely by luck.

Unless there are contributing factors, the usually resolveynaturara methid.

In addition to what the person above me said, I dislcoated my ribabout 3 months ago and went to both an urgent care clinic (M.D.)and my primary care physician (M.D.) They both diagnosed me with astrained trapezus muscle which did not make sense with the type andduration of pain I was having. I then decided to go to a sportsphysician who was a D.O., who immediately diagnosed me with adislocated rib and started performing readjustments. Due to my ribbeing out of place for so long, the surrounding muscles have becomeaccustomed to the new position, so my recovery may take up to amonth with ongoing readjustments. That being said, after a couplereadjustments I can definitely see improvement, I can take a deepbreath with no pain now, I can even to some light exercise! Moralof the story: Go straight to a chiropractor / sports physicianbecause they are trained with things like these! Also, google thisback position that promotes proper alignment, its called “Staticback rest”. You can do it at home, all you do is lay on your backon the ground, arms comfortably spread out, and rest your legs on achair at a 90 degree angle. It apparently takes all the pressureoff your spine and promotes proper alignment of your back. WheneverI have some pain, I do this and take a deep breath, and 4/5 timesmy back will pop and feel much better! Although this isn’t asubstitute for back readjustment, it can help speed up recovery andprovide some relief. Also maybe look into getting a heatpad, ithelped relax the muscles and made my back feel better as well.

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