Massage Therapy

Name three classifications of essential oil

Essential Oil is Essential oil. Pure Essential Oil is 100 percent pure taken from one particular plant. Pure Essential Oil has no other oil or base added with it. You can have a “synergy” of Essential Oil where by the combination of one Essential Oil with one other or more than one other Essential Oil produces multiplied power of effects. used added to water in an oil burner a few drops of Essential Oil can transform your world. Pure Essential Oil has excellent effects when added to a carrier or “base” oil and used for massage. Not reccomended that Pure Essential Oil be used “neat” on skin as it is very powerful, can be mixed with vodka and combined to make perfume. Lavender oil is antifungal, antiseptic and can be used directly on skin. Excellent for burns, bites, cuts and overactive children. Fragrant oil is usual sold at markets cheap and has virtualy no benefits. Fragrant oil is the cheap stuff. Pure Essential Oil is well worth the investment. 3 drops go a long way. Combine three Pure Essential Oils together and you get a synergy which is the power of 11 Essential Oils.

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