Massage Therapy

Is soreness after a massage normal

Some people experience mild soreness after they get their first massage and this would be considered normal. It should feel like the soreness you get after starting a new sport or exercise activity, especially if you have not been very active yourself.It would be a good idea to call the massage therapist and report that you have some soreness, and also, if it lasts more than three days, or gets worse, you may want to see a doctor.

In a very rare, few cases, a massage therapist can work too deeply and cause bruising, or even further injury to tissues. If this could be the case, it may be even more important to see a doctor.

But if it starts to get better, you may consider a mild moist heat application or mild gentle stretching to help the area heal quicker. Then tell your massage therapist, if you get another massage from them, to use less pressure.

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