Massage Therapy

Tell me a little about your work past experiences

I have worked as a massage instructor teaching Swedish massage. I have also been the director of sports event massage. In addition, I have am a Nationally Approved Provider of continuing education for massage therapists. One of the experiences I remember the most was working with a client who kept asking for more and more pressure. We were using the 10 scale method where 0 means no pain, 5 means medium pain, and 10 means unbearable pain. I kept asking him and he kept saying 6. But I noticed that his whole body tightened up with each massage stroke, and then I realized he was holding his breath. So I asked him again about the pressure, and he could barely let out a squeaky weak sounding 6. So then I realized that he was trying to be ‘macho’ and pretend he could take anything. Well, it is hard to fool an experienced massage therapist, so I said, “OK, let me know when it is a 3 or 4.” Because on his scale that would be the appropriate therapeutic range of about 7-8 on a scale of ten, only his scale topped off at 6.

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