Massage Therapy

Can you wear clothes during a massage or do you have to be nude during a massage

Yes you can wear cloths during a massage. In most all Asian bodywork therapies, like Thai massage, Acupressure, or Shiatsu, the client is fully clothed throughout the massage treatment. Also, for Western modalities, if you are having a massage for the first time, your therapist will be very understanding if you wish to keep some, or all of your clothing on.

On a final note: You are never NUDE, at any time, during a massage treatment. You are always covered with a drape. And. only one part of the body at a time is uncovered. By-the-way, this process of keeping the body covered and uncovering the parts getting massaged is called draping. Draping means the use of a drape, it has nothing to do with whether something is covered or not. It is the system, process, and procedure of making a professional statement about the level of formality in the client/therapist relationship.

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