Massage Therapy

What types of massage mediums are there

There are may types of lubricants available for use in massage-creams, gels, even powders. The most enduring and oldest is oil. Oils of many types have been used in massage for centuries, and some are used not only to facilitate treatment, but as an integral part of treatment. For example:
As a lubricant
Oil is used as a lubricant in massage, allowing the practitioner’s hands to glide across the recipients body without pulling the skin or causing pain. Any type of oils suitable for this purpose, but the practitioner should take care to insure the oil being used is pure and fresh. Using impure or rancid oil is not only unpleasant but unsanitary. Good oils to use include Jojoba, Olive or Grapeseed oil as these tend to be gentle, beneficial, pure, and stable (meaning they wont go rancid quickly)
To Nourish the Skin
Oils help bring MOISTURE to the skin and trap it in. Oils sink in slowly and do not evaporate, meaning they remain on the skin, forming a barrier so that moisture cannot pass through. Oils can also bring vitamins and nutrients to the skin such as vitamin E. They are also good at lifting and removing dead skin from the body, working as a gentle exfoliation for the skin.

Massage Cream — Used for normal to dry skin, helps to soften and nourish the skin; is readily absorbed.

Purified Talcum Powder — Used on combination and oily skin. Helps to absorb excess sebum and perspirationon the skin and allows the hands to slide over the skin providing adequate slip.

Massage Emulsion- can be oil or water based. The skin easily absorbs this and further application may be needed to avoid dragging the skin.

Massage Gel- Light non oily, readily absorbed medium which is usually applied to treat specific treatment areas.

Preparing the client for massage

· Instruct the client to remove their clothing down to their under garments. It is important that you maintain the client’s modesty at all times.
· Provide a private changing area for the client. A large towel or bathrobe may be provided for the client to wear.
· Ask the client to remove all the jewellery and accessories and store them in a safe place, either in a bowl on the bottom of the trolley or pass to the client for safe keeping.
· Position the client for treatment instruct the client to lie on the couch in a supine position for body massage.
· Place towels over the client in a way, which will allow minimal interruption to the treatment and keep them warm.
· Cover any minor skin defects, cuts or abrasions with an adhesive dressing, prior to the treatment.
· If the client has long hair, it may need to be secured in a clip while you treat the neck

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