Massage Therapy

Can massage therapy help someone who has herniated discs

There are no specific contraindications for herniated discs as far as most modalities of massage are concerned. It depends on the stage, or progression, of the condition, and if any nerves or the spinal cord are affected.
It is best to work in conjunction with a doctor who can do intervention if any radiating pain or numbness starts to occur, like a medical doctor or chiropractor. Acupuncturists can also help with this aspect as well. If this is a relatively new condition, then work such as Swedish massage would be supportive. Work conservatively because they will have a protective ‘muscle splinting’ pattern in the area to help stabilize their spine. In the later stages, when it becomes chronic, work on them on their better days, when they feel fewer of the symptoms and pain, and your work can be deeper, even Deep tissue and Neuromuscular Therapy, to release the splinting and help correct any postural compensations they may have made as a result of their condition.

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