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Does a massage help get rid of lactic acid

No. There has been enough research (empirical data) to answer this question with a fair amount of certainty, although researchers’ conclusions are always open to revision upon further study. Massage does not improve blood flow, nor does it get rid of the lactic acid. Your body has to metabolize it itself using its own natural processes.
“About a dozen studies have attempted to ascertain the potential for massage to influence limb or muscle blood flow. While results have been variable, the majority of findings, particularly recent studies involving Doppler ultrasound-determined arterial and venous blood flow have failed to support any increment in muscle blood induced by any type of massage in large or small muscle groups in human subjects.”
“In addition, human studies have demonstrated that massage has no influence on post-exercise blood lactate clearance.”After winning one of her last Grand Slams in the latter 1990’s, tennis legend, Navrita Navrataloba thanked her coach and her massage therapist for her ability to compete at such a high level. Did massage help? According to her performance, it seems that it was an important part of her training regime.

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