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Which protein is better whey or casein protein

Whey protein is a lot better if you want bigger and stronger muscles. It’s also healthier too. research shows higher cancer rates from Casein protein, because it’s derived from animals. Your muscles also absorb Whey protein than Casein protein after working out.

The question is not which protein is better, but which one is better absorbed. Whey is the fastest digesting, whereas casein is slower digesting so your body gets the protein slowly and evenly throughout roughly 8 hours. Egg or Albumin protein is also slower digested to spread out absorption. Which one is best depends on how you need it to be utilized. Whey is best for post workout, when you want a faster absorbing protein to repair and rebuild muscles. Casein is better when you won’t be getting protein for over 4 hours, like before bed or as a meal replacement. The best proteins in my opinion are the blended ones that have fast and slower releasing proteins. Protein could be very confusing, so go with a blend to cover all bases. Also most proteins are derived from animals. If you are a Vegan, you can get soy, rice or even protein derived from wheat, but animal proteins are rated higher biologically than vegetable proteins.

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