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Why are you not supposed to take halodrol if you once had cancer

This is a complicated subject… The reason is because of one of the main ingredients in Halodrol Liquid Gels – arachidonic acid. Arachidonic acid was originally hailed (by the creators of it) as a muscle building miracle supplement. And while it has some positive effects on muscle growth it’s nothing super great IMHO. For examle I’d say creatine has much better anabolic properties than arachidonic acid – plus creatine is completely safe when used as directed. Which leads to the dangers of arachidonic acid. Cancer is found to be closely related to inflammation. A HUGE majority of those with cancer have, and also seemed to have a long history of various types of inflammation.When you’re exposed to inflammation for long, chronic periods of time this could lead to the growth of cancer cells. But we ALL get types of inflammation at one time or another from numerous things. Arthritis is a another condition of chronic inflammation. Arachidonic acid seems to accelerate and spread inflammation much more rapidly than it would without the addition of arachidonic acid. So for example if you have cancer arachidonic acid can accelerate the canver, causing it to grow and progress. But with any inflammation arachidonic acid seems to speed it up and increase the severity of it quite badly.I actually have an acquaintance who took a supplement containing arachidonic acid. He had a slight stomach inflammation that he didn’t know about at the time – as he had no symptoms. After he began taking arachidonic acid, within a couple weeks he ended up in the hospital with severe stomach problems. He remained there for over a month and lost 30 pounds in the end. After much medication and tortue tests, (he’s still on meds BTW), he seems he will be fine now. Of course he stopped dosing the arachidonic acid immediately when the symptoms of severe stomach discomfort first arose.It seems one reason behind the occurrence of these problems is that arachidonic acid seems to lower your body levels of Omega 3 acids which are critical for optimal health. The results can be, but no limited to, severely amplified inflammations, acceleration of the growth of existing cancer cells, the drying out/aching of joints, and cardiac related problems. There are many supplements popping up that include arachidonic acid such as Halodrol Liquid Gels and other supplements that contain high amounts of acachidonic acid alone – such as X-Factor. I’d personally stay away from these products but if you have your heart set on trying them please do a tremendous amount of research.

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