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How much protein is in one third cup of protein powder

The protein content of a protein powder is unique to its specific brand and type. If you check the nutritional facts located on the container, you can figure out precisely how much protein there is in 1/3 cup.

More involved answer:

It also depends on what your dietary requirements are. We can synthesize the majority of the amino acids we need from other metabolites, there are a few that we cannot make (due to having lost critical enzymes in the production pathway to mutations during evolution, without significant problems since our diet contains them.

Chances are you probably don’t really need the powder, if you can find a source of the essential amino acids, as long as you get enough carbs to not run a serious metabolic deficit, and a basic level of nitrogen containing metabolites (ones that would be useful for making amino acids obviously) that would probably be adequate to synthesize everything yourself.

This one’s essential list is more accurate as to what the body cannot make from other amino acids in the “essential” list) some of the amino acids we cannot produce from the ground up, can be manufactured from OTHER amino acids that we also cannot make from the ground up, meaning we can get one in the diet and make the other from it. This means the truly essential list is smaller than the one on the previous page, although it isn’t bad to get higher levels, so your body isn’t struggling to provide the right level of each one.

Point being, protein isn’t like starch, the monomers are actually a diverse group of 20 different structurally distinct molecules, and the intake requirements of EACH one are different. Measuring protein simply by weight doesn’t really get at the meat of the question, if you have a huge mass of poly-glycine, you’ll have a lot of protein, but it isn’t nutritionally useful from the standpoint you are likely asking about (protein completeness.

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