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Which is better flaxseeds or flaxseed oil or flaxseed oil capsule

Ground flaxseed or “flaxseed meal” is the easiest and best way to get the benefits from flaxseed’s Omega 6 fatty acids. Whole flaxseeds are not digested well and may pass through the body. They must be crushed to release the protective lignans for absorbsion into the body. Once opened, they must be stored in the refrigerator in a sealed, air tight container to avoid going rancid

I don’t recommend using flaxseed oil, available in liquid form or in capsules. Aside from being expensive and less palatable than flax meal, flax oil spoils faster and, most importantly, lacks the protective lignans found in the ground seeds.

The recommended daily dosage for flaxseed meal is two tablespoons. It can be eaten by itself or on top of any meal you would like to add it to. They have a sesame seed type of taste and are very easy to wash down.

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