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Could the steroids in asthma inhalers also help u with gaining muscle If you have really light asthma

Nope, sorry. Wrong kind of steroid. I’ve taken albuterol and proventil all my life, and regular use of either drug will neither help you gain nor lose weight. Now, they WILL give you a temporary (like 15 minute or so) rush because they increase your heart rate and open airways (and cause tremors), but you could get that just as easily from a non-steroid energy pill. Steroids in pill form like prednizone will cause the symptomatic moon-face often associated with reguar steroid use and cause you to gain weight. Not muscle, WEIGHT. Singulair also has the same side effects (though not reported or on the labels), but will also cause abdominal swelling, rapid weight gan that can’t be lost through diet and exercise, pain and swelling in the back and joints…. and again I mention the rapid weight gain around the mid section, even if you’re super active and have a crazy metabolism. That one’s just not worth it. Other steroid treatments like clenbuterol are popular for their weight loss effects because they speed the heart up so much, but that one’s not FDA approved for humans and can kill you. But honestly, most doctors won’t give you the steroid pills unless your asthma’s moderate to severe. I’m not sure about all of the steroids out there, but those common ones I just mentioned are prescribed most often and won’t help with bulking up (unless you want a spare tire…)

Really and truly hon? Try creatine powder. Creatine is a naturally occurring chemical that will stimulate your energy and stores itself in your muscles, allowing them to drink that up for extra hydration, thus you can do more for longer periods of time, and it has a nice effect of stimulating muscle growth and development. However, some people have had the jitters and shortness of breath from the creatine stimulating them too much, sometimes triggering an asthma attack, so if your doctor gave you an emergency inhaler keep it handly while you work out. But this isn’t a common side effect and even as an asthmatic you should be fine if you follow the directions on the label, drink enough water, and pay attention to your body.

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