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How can black people hair grow faster

there is no real way to make your hair grow “faster”. everyone’s hair relatively grows at the same rate. look it up! (some grow a little slower some grow a little faster but there isn’t a big difference between growth rates for gender, race, or ethnicity) The reason why you feel that black people’s hair is not growing as fast as other races is because black hair is curly hair. It’s the curliest hair which makes it kinky hair. 4a-4c type hair (look it up)
kinky hair is usually dry because the natural oils produced by the scalp have a hard time adding moisture to curly hair because the hair strand bends and twists in so many different ways. this is what makes kinky hair dry, and when kinky hair is dry it will break. it will break faster than any other kind of hair, so when it grows you may not notice the growth if its breaking off.
Also the curlier your hair the less keratin you have. keratin is a protein found in everyones hair. people who have straight hair have the most keratin, that’s why their hair is straight. keratin gives the hair added strength,shine, and protection against breakage. that’s why you can only see how shiny someone hair is when its straight, think about it you don’t see shiny curls, you may see healthy curls but not shiny. Less keratin = less shine, less strength, more breakage.
Elasticity is important for hair as well it stops hair from being damaged and blacks have less elasticity due to its fragile nature. Now that you understand why black hair is the way it is here is a list of things that will allow you to see your hair growth and stop breakage. I’m a black female with long hair and i swear by my hair care regimen.
-Put PURE vita E oil in your hair like u would a hair grease ( grease roots and brush down to grease ends) vita E promotes healthy growth and adds shine and moisture. don’t use to much or it will make your hair heavy and too greasy.
-if your hair is permed its already weaker than it would be if it were natural which means its extra extra fragile. make sure you wrap your hair every night and use a silk scarf or sleep on a silk pillow. If its not permed put big braids in your hair or just tie your hair up. (if you want to go natural as i have now been fr 2 years and loving it! see great tips on youtube. there is a large natural hair community on youtube that teach you how to maintain and care for your hair).
-avoid dye if you already have permed hair that’s chemical on top of chemical on top of fragile hair… use a rinse because it adds color to hair instead of stripping the hair
-if you have hair that tangles alot find a good detangler that really works for you(trial and error) start by combing the ends and work your way up NEVER the other way around. While washing your hair never flip it over. wash it standing in the shower or with you head tilted back in the salon chair. part into four sections washing it one section at a time while combing your fingers through your hair to detangle it as you wash.
-GET A GREAT DEEP CONDITIONER it gives the needed strength. i would suggest organic root stimulator -hair maionase.
-use leave in treatment- i suggest parvenu -tee tree leave in
-if you blow dry or flat iron your hair you should seriously use a heat protector
-if you want straighter hair longer use products with keratin in it. some chemically straighten hair for months, i advise you to NOT use those they damage hair and have formaldehyde in it. Use keratin shampoos and conditioners or smoothing treatments. i recommend one ‘n only- keratin smoothing treatment can be used on color treated, permed or natural hair. it helps keep hair straighter longer especially when you flatiron you hair after blowdrying and washing it. it does not change the texture of your hair, when you wash it again your texture will completely come back. its only additive help not a miracle in a bottle. keratin gives your hair the strength it never had by binding you hair with keratin protein’s.
-SHAMPOO wash your hair once very two weeks. but at the end of the first week wash hair with conditioner and deep condition hair, use no shampoo. Then wash it normally with shampoo and reg. conditioner the next week and be sure to use the leave in conditioner.
-if your hair is permed, clip your end when they look very trashy and they are splitting. don’t cut you hair! just clip the ends, half inch is more than enough to take off. if your hair isn’t splitting or trashy don’t clip the ends!
– learn what your hair needs, if its dry it needs moisture, if its tangled it needs detangler if its splitting you need a clip etc.
-take hair skin and nails vitamins they work for everyone. some people breakout from them, if you break out but its making your hair grow strong pick which one you’d rather have….
– don’t use small tooth combs often and when you’re combing out kinks use medium or large tooth combs
– don’t add unnecessary heat to you hair. don’t bleach your hair.
– these are great: olive oil, tee tree oil, jojoba oil, vita E, aloe, shea butter, they help in different ways research them to find ways that you can add them to your hair care regimen. health food store oils are better then the ones that already come in hair products. I usually add like a tablespoon to of each to my hair grease. or buy real shea butter, let the container sit in a bowl of very hot water let it melt a bit and add one ounce of the oils to the soft shea butter and blend it in the blender. shea butter mixtures can be put into empty containers and kept in cool places for its longevity. best part is that these mixes are all natural and good for the skin as well. that’s the added benefit since your cant put hair grease on your skin. i hope this was megggaaaa helpful its as helpful as i can be!

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