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Does beef stock contain vitamins and minerals

Grass fed beef stock can be a Godsend for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Two of the main problems faced by chemo patients are painful mouth sores which inhibit chewing and swallowing, as well as low hematocrit scores (blood iron levels), possibly resulting in malnourishment and anemia.
One woman I know of said that while undergoing chemo, all she could eat was applesauce. A recovering cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy needs far more nutritional support than just applesauce. He or she needs sufficient quantities of protein and iron.
Grass fed beef is a perfect source of protein and iron, as almost all producers raise it without the use of added growth hormones, antibiotics, or pesticides; all things that a recovering cancer patient wants to be sure to avoid.
However, as good for a recovering cancer patient as grass fed beef is, it is of no value if the patient cannot chew or swallow it. The mouth sores that often come as a side effect of chemo can make it almost impossible to chew, much less swallow, steak, roast beef, or hamburger. That is where grass fed beef stock is the perfect solution!
Full of health supporting nutrients such as protein, iron, Omega 3, CLA, Vitamin E, Beta Carotene, B vitamins, and minerals, grass fed beef stock requires no chewing and is easy to swallow, thus making it so much easier to ingest. Not only that, grass fed beef stock is delicious and satisfying, even for chemo patients who have experienced changes in their taste buds and have found most food to be less desirable.
The other great thing about grass fed beef stock is that it is so easy and affordable to make. Soup bones are the most inexpensive cut of beef, and you can brew up a large pot of stock almost effortlessly.

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