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What is the difference between the omega 3 oil that you get in omega 3 fish oil or omega oils in norweigen cod liver oil

First, there is a difference between fish oil and cod liver oil. It might seem obvious, but with fish oil you get omega 3 fatty acids, extracted from the flesh rather than livers of cod fish. Saying that most of the companies use the leftovers of fish meal production to extract cod liver oil, you need to look for fermented cod liver oil, e.g., Green Pastures Fermented Cod Liver Oil, if you want the oil extracted only from livers of the Arctic cod.

With cod liver oil, in general, you get less omega 3 oils, but it comes with extras – vitamin A and vitamin D that are essential for health and overall well being, and cannot be produced by your body. From fish oil, by and large, you get only EPA and DHA known as omega 3 fatty acids, but the amounts vary depending on the exact processing method used.

Norwegian cod liver oil is considered superior to others simple because they source fish from much cleaner, pollutant free waters, which in it self minimises risk of contamination with heavy metals and PCBs, linked to heart disease and cancer. So, if you want to have without direct side effects go for Norwegian products.

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