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What slows the growth of anaplastic thyroid cancer

You need an alkaline body, full of oxygen, and nutrients, which is also low in toxins. Combine the Budwig Diet with hydrogen peroxide, and work to get the body’s PH to 8.5 (It really is possible). Do these things and there will be no trace of cancer.

Now it is time to begin your research. Expect to spend a couple of weeks reading. Be sure to include the term ‘holistic’ in your searches. Think of this as a test. If you are not willing to do the reading, then you will not be willing to follow the cure protocol (notice that I did not say ‘treatment’).

If you do the research and cannot find what your are looking for, then ask for my assistance. Lots of information to get you started can be found at Sarah’s blog mentioned in the related link on this page. Answer The answer that I’m reading above is absolutely correct, but additional things can also be done.There are so many suppressed cancer cures that work that it is not funny. Some of these can be safely combined, but you must know what you are doing and know who can help you.Alternative medicine is about treating the cause of the disease and not the symptoms.I’ve learned a whole bunch of my information in my formal education, but have combined that with what I’ve filtered out of Google Videos on the topic of suppressed medical and scientific information.What I’ve done below is grab some of my other prior answers to combine into this one to give a wide prospective of information to consider / research further if you are comfortable with it at all… There are likely Google videos about various aspects of these things. Most of the videos present the information in a very understandable way.According to the first Google hit, “Cancer, Arthritis, Multiple sclerosis, Psoriasis, Eczema, Acne, …’ are supposedly treated using the Budwig diet.The Flaxseed (Linseed) oil and cottage cheese diet was originally proposed by Dr. Johanna Budwig, a German biochemist and expert on fats and oils, and recently re-examined by Dr. Dan C. Roehm M.D. FACP (Oncologist and former cardiologist) in 1990. Dr. Roehm claims: “this diet is far and away the most successful anti-cancer diet in the world”.

Six time Nobel award nominated doctor says this essential nutrient combination actually prevents and cures cancerDr. Max Gerson, M.D., came to America in the early 1900s. He believed in a holistic approach to health and invented for his own condition of migraine headaches the “Gerson therapy.” Lots of Google videos exist for this therapy. The patient is analyzed for toxins and other things. The diet is customized somewhat for each patient, but usually consists of meals of cooked vegetables, coffee enemas, and drinking a large freshly juiced glass of fruit and vegetable juice about every 15 minutes or so all during the day. About 40 pounds of organically grown fresh food are juiced per day per patient. The amount of nutrients and fluids going through the patient’s body is enormous. Coffee is a diuretic. When it is used as an enema fluid, it forces the kidneys to express more urine than they might normally, thereby supposedly greatly increasing the detoxification effects of the diet. The diet is said to dissolve scare tissue from old injuries, as well as eliminating many types of chronic illness.One false claim is made in one video about juicing is that the inventor of the Norwalk Juicer, Dr. Norman Walker, lived to about 117 years of age, when I recall that he might have only lived to his late nineties.So the Gerson therapy avoids all meats in part because meats consume digestive, proteolytic enzymes that help dissolve cancerous tumors. This same theme runs in many of the health diets that I’ve seen.Detoxification can also be made to include heavy metal removal via chelation. A chelating agent is an artificial amino acid that grabs / sequesters metal atoms from the blood, creating an inert substance that can be filtered and eliminated by the kidneys into the urine. Lead, mercury, aluminum, cadmium, and a number of other neurotoxic metals can be removed gradually by repeated treatment applications of either an IV chelation treatment or some of the newer chelating agents on sale on the Internet–but choose your product carefully.Oxygen therapies–Ozone, peroxide, and oxygen:The reason to try Oxygen therapy was discovered in the 1940s by Nobel Prize for Medicine winner Otto Warburg who found that the cellular metabolism of cancer cells matches closely those of yeast or mold or fungus- -that is, the cells ferment sugar / glucose / dextrose rather than oxidize it via the cellular mitochondria.The underlying causes of cancer may include mutations, viral alterations to cellular DNA, toxic chemical alterations to cellular DNA, radiation poisoning that continuously causes cellular mutations, weakened immune system, weakened pancreatic / proteolytic enzyme production, fugal infection that promotes an adverse immune system response, and poor diet.A surgical procedure will not remove the underlying cause of the disease. Allopathic medicine typically treats symptoms of disease (by cutting-surgery, burning-radiation, and poisons-patented pharmaceutical drugs) and not the underlying causes.Most medical scientists believe that healthy people get cancerous cells occurring all of the time, but because the people are healthy, their systems quickly get rid of the trouble without developing any tumors at all.Some medical scientists believe that the body’s own repair system intended to heal wounds, bruises, cuts, scrapes, and so on can sometimes go out of control where the repair cells do not stop reproducing because the electrical and chemical signals that regulate such processes have failed to halt this process. (See trophoblastic theory of cancer).They account for the different types of cancer by the original type of tissue damage that was being repaired.This theory is supported by people like G. Edward Griffin (and his many medical doctor colleagues) whose videos can be viewed on Google Videos. In his videos, he does not explain everything that is involved with the treatment method that he prefers (as he claims to do in his book on the topic), but most of the ideas seem to be nicely expressed and easy to understand.Other scientists have used the observations of Otto Warburg to treat certain forms of cancer as the human body’s reaction to a fungal infection. (See Dr. Tullio Simoncini “Cancer as a fungus”). By using simplistic anti-fungal substances such as sodium bicarbonate for internal cancers, and tincture of Iodine for external cancers, Dr. Simoncini has successfully treated many patients without adverse side effects. Simoncini reasons that a rapidly growing fugal colony is difficult for the body to combat, and so as a result, the body just encapsulates the infections within tumorous cell growths. By attacking and killing the underlying fungal infections, the need for the encapsulating tumor cells is gone, so the body just re-absorbs the tissues leaving just healthy tissue untouched. Videos on Google videos have Dr. Simoncini applying his treatment and showing before and after results. Often the treatments succeed in about one and a half weeks time.Still other scientists in India, Russia, Germany, Cuba, Mexico, etc, have treated both the blood and the tumor areas with medical ozone, and performed blood irradiation with ultraviolet light to damage microbial blood-borne pathogens so that the body’s auto immune system quickly develops resistance to these pathogens, thereby removing the cause of certain varieties of malignancy. Theoretically, this will work with some but perhaps not all cancers. Although there are Google videos about this ozone injection into tumors, there are no after follow-ups taken of the results days, weeks, or even months after the surgery- -so this remains in the speculative column for me.The 1953 Fitzgerald congressional investigation into the practices of the AMA and FDA found that numerous legitimate cancer cures and treatments had been suppressed since shortly after the founding of the AMA, finding all the government and authority groups involved having performed conspiratorial and dishonest actions to suppress such treatments from the general public- -libelously calling these treatments quackery.In 1990 Drs. Steven Kaali and William Lyman discovered that biocompatible electric current (a few millionths of an Ampere) could be used on blood, (and other bodily or synthetic fluids) to inactivate the HIV AIDS virus infectivity in-vitro (PMID: 15858720).Using this information and examining the patents filed by Kaali, et al., Dr. Robert C. Beck, DSc. Physics, determined that such a biocompatible (small) electrical current could be induced to flow through the skin, into the blood, down one of the major arterial blood vessels in the forearm and back out through the skin without exsanguination (invasively removing quantities of blood from the body into a treatment machine, then putting it back into the body). Numerous AIDS patients who listened to Bob Beck spontaneously recovered within about one month. Testing that Beck had sponsored showed before and after Polymerase Chain Reaction Tests that saw the HIV viral loads go to such low levels that they were indistinguishable from zero on the measurement equipment used in the lab testing procedures. Beck publicized his treatment application, and some cancer patients began experimentally using it along with some herbal remedies recommended by Hulda Regehr Clark. After about a month’s time these cancer patients reported back to Beck that they had undergone spontaneous remissions from the disease. Beck then incorporated this information in many of his lectures. Beck also found that there were shortcomings in his treatment when the AIDS virus could lay dormant within other body tissues and re-emerge later on. For this he developed a PEMF (pulsed electro magnetic field) device. The device would emit a very strong magnetic pulse from the sudden release of current from the stored electrical charge of a capacitor into an air core inductor of about 1 to 2.5 milli-Henrys. He also used low concentration colloidal silver in / using demineralized water to boost the immune system and rid the gastrointestinal tract of parasites and pathogenic microbes. (The use of demineralized water prevents the formation of silver salts that can cause a skin discoloration disease that turns a person’s skin gray–argyria). Lastly, he found that patients were usually taking about a month to recover, and determined that by using ozonated drinking water that the inactivated pathogens could be more easily filtered out of the body via the kidneys, thereby cutting in half the recovery time using his treatment methods. He began to call his treatment method “The Beck Protocol.” Medical doctors who saw this as economic competition to their business began to pooh-pooh the entire scheme without even experimentally giving it a try (the scientific method), and down played any scientific basis for the theory of its modality, calling it “quackery and nostrums.” Beck knew that the FDA and AMA would likely try to entrap him and charge him with practicing medicine without a license, but Beck was careful to label this as medical experimentation and made no recommendations that any one particular sick person do any of these treatments without first consulting with their own medical professional. Some notes about the NIH, NCI, ACS, and the Rockefeller family monopoly of medicine (combined with further Cancer fighting information) Since WW2 until the early 1970s Fort Detrick, Frederick, Maryland was a biological warfare research lab. William Campbell Douglas, M.D., National Health Federation’s 1985 Doctor of the Year, published AIDS: The End of Civilization, 1989, detailing the development of HIV by scientists working at the army’s biowarfare lab at Fort Detrick, Maryland. Dr. Leonard Horowitz has also accounts of the development of the HIV virus by the special cancer virus program funded in the early 1970s as proposed by US National Security Advisor Dr. Henry Kissinger. National Cancer Institute (NCI), Frederick, Maryland is was Fort Detrick run by the US military, and is now run by the NIH. US President Richard M. Nixon invented the private health insurance care system in the USA (as can be seen in the Michael Moore film SiCKO in the “Richard Nixon – Oval Office Recordings” part), converted the army Fort over to the NCI. Scientific medical personnel and on going projects remained intact.Nixon, Kissinger, Bush Sr., and Haig were all involved in the White House activities surrounding Watergate, Vietnam, and CIA operations of Air America that had arms, drugs, and money laundering. Each of these men were members in the Rockefeller think tank group, the Council on Foreign Relations, and according to many historians all of them took “marching orders” from that rich and powerful family. The Rockefeller family has been interested in depopulation (population control) for many years, and so directed Dr. Henry Kissinger and others to increase efforts to curb population (particularly of some racial / genome types) through biological, drug, and chemical research, development, and application.The HIV AIDS drug AZT (supposedly exhibited anti-retro-viral properties in only one early study) initially developed as a chemotherapeutic / toxic agent in 1964 against cancer cells is made by Burrows Welcome, controlled by the Rockefeller family. Directors of the NIH have frequently changed jobs to Rockefeller foundation-funded universities and medical centers. Dr. Leonard Horowitz in his film “In Lies We Trust” and his book “Emerging Viruses: Aids and Ebola” goes further than just the development of the HIV virus and details a long lists of other disease plagues that were cultured and developed by the US warfare lab including kuru (mad cow / Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease), wasting diseases, and various leukemia and sarcoma cancer viruses. Horowitz and others cite a growing body of evidence that various Rockefeller family members have been involved in many nefarious schemes to make money through monopoly practices, destabilize economies, prolong war conflicts while funding both sides, and depopulate regions of the world wealthy in natural resources, and promote an undemocratic one world Anglo-American government. The Rockefeller family have owned or controlled many different drug companies and medical research facilities.According to G. Edward Griffin (and others), Rockefeller family members sat on the board of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK) and suppressed all of several successful double blind studies conducted on Laetrile, a control for cancer that is mostly a concentrated form of a natural substance that is derived from nitrilicides found in about 1,400 types of fruits, grasses, and seeds, and in the meat of free-range animals that eat those things. While suppressing the several successful MSK internal studies, MSK publicized at a large press conference the one external (tainted) study that found 40% spontaneous remission rates in both Laetrile and saline solution / control groups of experimental animals. G. Edward Griffin states that obviously saline solution does not cure cancer, so the scientists must have deliberately mixed the control group with the Laetrile group of animals, thereby lowering Laetrile’s effectiveness at the same time as increasing the cure rate of the saline solution / control.The AMA, and the Carnegie Foundation for Education funded the (Abraham) “Flexner Report” of 1910 that closed many medical schools, shunned all other types of medicine and medical science other than allopathic medicine. Immediately after the report the Rockefeller Foundation hired Abraham, his brother Simon, and Fredrick T. Gates. The report suggested that funding for various medical schools and universities be put up by the rich tycoons of the day and their tax-exempt charitable foundations. This had the effect of greatly improving the quality of medical education and standards, but also suppressed all forms of medicine that were not based on cutting, burning, and prescribing patented poisons (pharmaceutical drugs). Eventually, the AMA was appointed to oversee the practice of medicine in America, and laws were enacted that prevented any doctors practicing medicine without a license from one of the AMA state medical boards. Drug companies hired AMA doctors for drug development. Drug and food safety testing was put in the hands of AMA doctors working for the US FDA. The Rockefeller family and their foundations fund most of the US medical schools, and Rockefeller employees (Simon, Abraham, and Fred, etc) sat on the boards of universities to direct the type of curricula covered. This sequence of events monopolized the medical field so that only Rockefeller family-approved medical treatments would be allowed. Carnegie, J.P. Morgan, the Rockefeller family and others also funded the drug industry, the AMA, and medical schools. Once Radium was found to irradiate / burn tissues, medical demand for it pushed the price up thousands of percent.The J.P. Morgan interests, the Rockefeller family, and other tycoons formed a group of industrialists who wanted the USA to enter WWI. American banks they controlled would loan monies to both sides for war expenses, while others intended to profit from manufacturing munitions and supplies. To do this they wanted to influence public opinion through the news media. In 1917 congressman Oscar Callaway entered into the public record that this group of tycoons did exactly that in March 1915. (See also >congressional record 25 newspapers Morgan 1917 February 9 March 1915<) The USA was lured into the first war by the sinking of a passenger ship that was deliberately sent into the conflict zone. (See >Passenger ship weapons WWI USA war sunk Lucitania CFR OR “J.P. Morgan” OR Rothschild<). After the war had ended, several US-soil army bases were the source of the out break of the 1918 Spanish flu that killed 40 to 50 million people world wide when all of the soldiers at all the US bases were ordered to be inoculated with various vaccines that were likely infected with the disease according to NYC author Charles M. Higgins in a 1920 published petition to the US President to abolish compulsory vaccination in army and navy (available on-line as a PDF via Google books). The lead legal council for J.P. Morgan and other members of this group later formed the Council on Foreign Relations. In successive years this group of powerful military industrial complex movers and shakers bought up more than 90% of all news media outlets, and virtually control all TV, radio, and newspapers. Many of the senior news anchors are members of the Rockefeller CFR. The John Birch Society has produced articles and video presentations warning of the undue influence this group has over world events, and its wealth. The group has been accused of operating the CIA as its own enforcement agency, carrying out political assassinations, running drugs, laundering money through Wall Street-listed large corporations, and destabilizing economies of poorer nations to gain control over their natural resources. The US laws involving money laundering permit the movement of only a modest amount of cash for normal citizens, however, the laws expressly permit corporations listed on the major stock exchange the unfettered ability to conduct whatever physical movement of cash that they want. In the 1990s so much money laundering was happening that Janet Reno called in corporate executives to a meeting to reduce the otherwise criminal activities. (See also >“Janet Reno” General Motors Electric Sony money laundering<)Royal Raymond Rife was a clever optician and electrical tinkerer who developed a powerful microscope supposedly capable of seeing live viruses, and discovered two different cancer viruses in the early 1930s. Rife got funding from a rich magnate named Timken who manufactured roller bearings where Rife had developed an automated X-ray method of detecting flaws in the bearings, and rejecting the bad ones. So during the 1930s depression, with this money Rife ran a medical experimentation lab to identify microbial causes of disease.Using some of the operating principles of his microscopes that stained his samples with various monochromatic filtered colors of light, Rife supposedly developed a medium frequency radio wave method of killing microbial pathogens.Rife's first system used an amplifier that had about 500 watts input power into the output radio vacuum tube. Rife started the Beam Ray Corporation for radio frequency medical machine manufacturing. The AMA and their sponsors wanted to control Rife's treatment. They sent in agents (supposedly some brothers last name starts with H) who made Rife various offers. Rife refused probably thinking that his inventions would be suppressed. There afterwards Rife found himself in trouble doing his R & D and manufacturing of this medical equipment because his doctor clients were being threatened with losing their medical licenses if they did not stop successfully using the devices to treat cancer and a wide variety of other diseases that were at least in part caused or assisted by microbial infections of one sort or another. Rife had probably sold and trained 30 medical doctors in the use of his machine in California and nearby states, and maybe several doctors out side of the USA, including a doctor from Montreal, Canada. Whether Rife knew that some of these tiny organisms were exactly mycoplasmas, or viruses, or bacteria, he could only determine that some of these were able to pass through extremely fine medical grade porcelain filters. Much of the time Rife referred to these as filter-passing organisms / forms of disease. Rife supposedly documented and proved many times over that he could isolate a disease organism known to be bacterial, grow it in glass containers, at some stage in its life cycle be able to have the microbe in filter passing form (what Rife at the time said was likely a virus), then inject it in otherwise healthy animals to give them the disease as well. Without any basis in scientific observational fact, doctors in the employ of the Rockefeller family pooh-poohed the entire idea that the microbial forms of certain diseases had more than one life cycle form (pleomorphic forms). These were Dr. Thomas M. Rivers and pathologist Hans Zinsser of the Rockefeller Institute.No other microscopes of the time could (and very few microscopes can even now) be used to view live "virus sized" particles other that Rife's own custom-made devices, so based on nothing, Rivers, looking through his own optical lab microscopes that were incapable of viewing virus size particles and then lied that he could not replicate the viral forms described in the published experimental results of Dr. Author I. Kendall of Northwestern University Medical School in Chicago, and Rife (PMID: 18741967, PMID: 17782489) , calling them both liars to their face.An agent of AMA head Dr. Morris Fishbein (with the go ahead from his sponsors) supposedly provided $10,000 to Rife's business partner, radio engineering technician Phillip Hoyland, to file a lawsuit against Beam Ray Corp / Rife to have the AMA agent(s) placed on the board of directors of the company. Rife won the lawsuit, but the stress of the trial drove Rife to abuse alcohol. Fishbein testified under oath in 1938 that he had never practiced medicine in his life, and did not complete his requisite internship at medical school.Later, one State of California AMA medical board doctor had the Rife devices banned when he took the stand and testified that they were unsafe, even though declared safe by several engineering and medical labs. Once this happened, the police authorities confiscated and destroyed the Rife Beam Ray devices from Rife's lab and the medical doctors who had previously refused to give them up.My understanding of Rife's and others' written notes indicates that the microorganisms that fostered malignancy seemed to either make or eat or coalesce around deposits of toxins. When the microorganisms are killed off, they release the toxins that they have harbored, thereby killing the cancerous tumor cells- -acting like a highly targeted magic bullet to kill the cancer. However, the toxins still remain in the body, (Rife himself said that the toxins by themselves could be injected into a second healthy lab animal to cause the same cancer,) and can migrate elsewhere and cause cancer to form elsewhere. Therefore, the Rife treatment machine is acting like a painless surgery to stop cancer in one place, while likely letting the toxic cause to "spread" elsewhere. A combined treatment would be to detoxify as much as possible before, during, and after such Rife treatments. One Australian alternative practitioner said that he combined Rife, the Beck protocol, and H. R. Clark's herbal treatments.Dr. Morris Fishbein and the Hearst newspapers were later successfully sued for $100,000 in the Harry M. Hoxey vs. Fishbein-Hearst libel trial 1949. Fishbein disgraced was ousted on June 6, 1949 at the AMA convention in Atlantic City supposedly for "years of advertising fraud and fund stealing."Eustace Mullins writes in his 1988 book Murder by Injection,A spirited critic of the AMA during its Simmons-Fishbein period, Dr. Emmanuel Josephson of New York, wrote, "The methods which Simmons and his crew used in their battle for a monopoly of medical publications and of advertisements to the profession were often crude and illegitimate. … The AMA has openly threatened firms that advertise in media other than their own journals with withdrawal of 'acceptance' of their products." Dr. Josephson described AMA Simmons' practices as "conspiracy in restraint of trade, and extortion." He further charged, again correctly, that "almost every branch of the Federal Government active in the field of medicine was completely dominated by the Association." Fishbein inherited Simmon's assistant Dr. Olin West former Tennessee state director of the Rockefeller Sanitary Commission from 1910 to 1918. Dr. Josephson termed Fishbein "the Hitler of the medical profession" and West as "his Goering."Fishbein's Hearst newspaper article called Hoxsey a Cancer Charlatan. Fishbein gave his favorite phrase: Of all the ghouls who feed on the bodies of the dead and the dying, the cancer quacks are most vicious and most heartless. And "Hoxsey's best friend was the local undertaker." Patricia Ward in her report to Congress quotes this sort of attitude as setting the "low level of discourse and the emotional rather than analytical tone that have characterized the American medical profession's response to unorthodox remedies."Nicknamed "Medicine's Mussolini," Fishbein conducted battles against the alternative treatments. Products were seldom tested for their real effects on health, only advertising revenues were considered. For years the AMA abused its position of power by selling its "approval" seal to advertisers whose products were unsafe and unhealthy. Competing products that contained virtually the same ingredients would be found on both the AMA's "approved" and "disapproved" lists at the same time, the only difference between them being whether the given brand placed paid ads in the Journal of the AMA. Cigarette tobacco manufacturer Phillip Morris was the AMA Journal's biggest advertiser in the 1940's, making it impossible for any doctor who preached that "smoking was bad for you" to stay in good standing with Dr Morris Fishbein.Fishbein conflicted with anyone who wouldn't bow to his wishes. And when alternative therapies were successfully used instead of drugs, Fishbein wanted in on it, or war would result. His motto was "If I can't have it, no one will." Having failed anatomy in medical school, Fishbein did everything to understate the value of nutrition. From Dr Royal Raymond Rife, Max Gerson, to Harry Hoxsey, they were all put on trial and politically slaughtered for curing cancer without Fishbein's permission.Quoted from a web page entitled The American Medical Association that quotes from Chapter 3 of Barry Lynes book The Healing of Cancer: The Cures the Cover-Ups and the Solution Now! :Charles Tobey began a Senate investigation into the cancer industry. Attorney Ben Fitzgerald of the U.S. Justice Department was hired as special counsel to the Senate Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee to lead the investigation. Fitzgerald's final report concluded that the AMA, in collaboration with the NCI and FDA, entered into a conspiracy to suppress alternative, effective cancer treatments. The August 28, 1953 Congressional Record contained the following summary of special counsel Fitzgerald: "There is reason to believe that the AMA has been hasty, capricious, arbitrary, and outright dishonest . . . "If radium, X-ray or surgery or either of them is the complete answer, then the greatest hoax of the age is being perpetrated upon the people by the continued appeal for funds for further research. If neither X-ray, radium or surgery is the complete answer to this dreaded disease, and I submit that it is not, then what is the plain duty of society? Should we stand still? Should we sit idly by and count the number of physicians, surgeons and cancerologists who are not only divided but who, because of fear or favor, are forced to line up with the so-called accepted view of the American Medical Association, or should this Committee make a full-scale investigation of the organized effort to hinder, suppress and restrict the free flow of drugs which allegedly have proven successful in cases where clinical records, case history, pathological reports and X-ray photographic proof, together with the alleged cured patients, are available? "Accordingly, we should determine whether existing agencies, both public and private, are engaged in and have pursued a policy of harassment, ridicule, slander and libelous attacks on others sincerely engaged in stamping out this curse of mankind. Have medical associations, through their officers, agents, servants and employees engaged in this practice? My investigation to date should convince this Committee that a conspiracy does exist to stop the free flow and use of drugs in interstate commerce which allegedly (have) solid therapeutic value. Public and private funds have been thrown around like confetti at a country fair to close up and destroy clinics, hospitals, and scientific research laboratories which do not conform to the viewpoint of medical associations. How long will the American people take this?That report of the United States Congress was issued over 35 years ago. The conspiracy has continued, grown stronger, and in many ways is more ruthless today. Senator Tobey soon conveniently died of a heart attack. (This has happened to others who were in a position to threaten the cancer industry.)That web page outlines the history of whole groups of doctors who were murdered / died suddenly / jailed after continuing to cure patients with unauthorized treatments.Ruth Mulvey Harmer, Ph.D. in her 1975 book American Medical Avarice characterized Fishbein as having the "ruthlessness of a shark" and concluded that he "managed to hold back the twentieth century for 50 years for the benefit of organized medicine."To this day Morris Fishbein is seen as a medical hero by some web sites for his so called quackbusting. In this case, quacks are merely otherwise successful competitors to organized medicine.Recently there was an edutainment TV program. It was about sacred geometries. One of the featured items was the pyramid. A household couple showed for the TV audience a bunch of fruit bowls hanging below a copper plumbing tube outline of a four sided pyramid. They claimed that the pyramid kept their food from going rotten. One at a time the couple would grab a fruit and tell the investigators how many weeks old it was and then gave the investigators a taste of it. Some people claim that pyramids can keep razor blades sharp. Some pyramids made of various kinds of crystals are claimed to have healing capabilities.Researchers who have built pyramids of 2 or so stories in height have claimed that electrical energy flowing through the air in the middle of the structure had given them a terrible shock, sending them flying across the room. Gain electrons = Reduction, Loose electrons = Oxidation. In one experiment this pyramid / crystal person claimed to have done, they took a piece of zinc and placed it hanging on a string into the center of the pyramid. After several days the metal found was calcium. After further time, supposedly the metal had turned into aluminum. If these geometries do in fact gather and focus energy, then maybe protons within the metal pieces was being kicked out, bit by bit with time, and the metal transformed into lighter and lighter atomic weight metal elements. Because mass equals energy times the speed of light of free space squared, it is possible that the energy was being grabbed from the metal material slowly over time. It is too bad that this experimenter did not have proper funding and measurement instrumentation to log as many readings happening from one moment to the next to further quantify what might be occurring in his experiments?Some researchers in England claimed to have been able to start to measure subtle energy using mono-molecular gold colloids and light. Supposedly, the same mechanisms of action used in documented medical scientific experiments where biological cellular chemistry is studied and incident laser light used to monitor the gold colloid particle concentrations increasing or decreasing depending on nearby chemical ions and what not. The color in both cases changes from red towards purple in the color frequency spectrum. The subtle energy is related to homeopathy and so called "memory of structured water" that has been ridiculed many times by mainstream scientists. Too bad these subtle energy experimenter guys so far have not produced any videos to illustrate any concrete findings in these experiments? If their experiments are repeatable in a systematic step by step manner, this would be a nice development in science. Perhaps this method if it is further developed could measure "Orgone energy" that was investigated by psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich in the 1930s and then would explain the operation of the Joe Cell energy device? Orgone is claimed to have both negative and positive vortex polarities and have both positive and negative health benefits. If proven to exist, promoters would probably see a large increase in interest.While on the topic of subtle energy fields and energy medicine, I began to remember something that I researched last year some time using the following search: >“Aura therapy” Lee OR Leavander Crock machine OR Mexistim< The electronic principles of this kind of machine are quite simple, but whether or not the machine does anything other than placebo effect is up to the user, further experimental inquiry, and maybe the proper implementation of the field antennae / metal sheets or screens.The belief posited by this group of people who support this aura therapy device is that the human body is damaged and repairs itself, replacing practically your entire body mass over a particular span of time. For certain body parts the replacement time is short, and for others it is very long. If living things have any form of energy field around them, then it likely interacts somewhat with its surroundings, and visa versa. The knowledge or intelligence of one's entire being is supposedly contained within your cellular DNA and RNA. If some of these molecular structures are damaged (as is probably the case for cancer), it will impact the correctness of your health- - and the way your body's repair system may or may not repair itself correctly. Whether these fields stem from or interact with these building blocks of DNA / RNA or not to signal damage, repair, or the opposite, no scientists can be certain without being able to measure subtle energy or Orgone energy or bio-electrical auras or whatever hidden, esoteric, arcane mysteries.According to Muriel Agnes in her energy medicine dissertation, "Toward an Integral Energy Medicine Model For Understanding The Vascular Autonomic Signal," she describes in the abstract that "the Vascular Autonomic Signal (VAS) is a physiological response of the neurovascular system of the body to information being brought into its energy field." She goes on to state that French medical scientist "Dr. Paul Nogier in 1966" had investigated and discovered this system.In related mainstream medical research Nogier described that he found pulse frequencies that affected the health of various biological systems within the human body. These frequencies have been used by the latest medical appliances that use LED light to do tissue regeneration, wound healing, and pain relief now being studied by NATO and NASA. LED light therapy has been experimentally studied to be able to recover eye damage done to fighter pilots whose eyes were damaged by laser emissions of enemy missile tracking guidance systems. Prior to this, studies were done on rats where one of their eyes' retinas were purposefully damaged using lasers, and the other eye left undamaged as a control. After IR and near IR application of LED light into the damaged eyes of the sets of rats for a few minutes duration per day, a period of weeks or so, the damaged retinas were found to have been completely repaired and indistinguishable from the state of the control. Also, researchers in England have been using a high power LED helmet to reverse the effects of Alzheimer's disease. Since its announcement in 2007 or so, at least one patient has been put forward as having been successfully treated with the experimental device during the summer / fall of 2008.The Lee Crock aura therapy device sets up a static, low voltage electric field around the patient undergoing the therapy. The field makes use of the electro-chemical properties of low impedance D-cell alkaline batteries in a bank of between 4.5 to 9 volts DC. The static field is established in a sandwich geometry with one antenna screen / conductive blanket above the bed mattress of the patient and the other one under the patient, but neither making contact with the patient or the opposite polarity blanket / screen / antenna (preventing the battery causing a short circuit). Electrically, the patient is inside an electrical capacitor between the plates of opposite electrical polarity.The Lee Crock aura therapy device then uses an electrical timer set to trip every 12 to 18 or so minutes to switch the polarity of the antenna screens / conductive blankets / electrical plates. This is usually implemented using a double pole - double throw relay that toggles the battery leads running to the antenna screens / conductive blankets / electrical plates.The plan of this scheme is supposedly to reset the "patient's aura" via the influence of the low alternating frequency electric field switching. Crock and his followers think that this is the best thing since sliced bread, claiming that it is like the fountain of youth.At some point, Crock describes, he found that only one screen needed to be used, and that it worked better somehow that way. I do not know if his device just grounds the other polarity of the toggled battery leads or what - - I assumed that it did when I constructed my own replica of his machine. In my duplication, however, I did not use a proper screen meshing to distribute the batteries' electrical field near my bed, nor did I properly orient the antenna screen to run the length of my body during night time sleep as was recommended, so my reproduction was likely to fail to produce positive results. I have since found a better source of aluminum bug screen sheets at a local, big box, hardware store that could be better used to make a larger, lighter weight antenna screen than the very heavy gauge, stiff, chicken cage wire mesh that I am now using.I have used a 555 timer running at 15 Hz or so, and put the output into a CMOS 16 stage ripple binary counter IC. The 555 runs in a more stable frequency using moderate sized timing resistors and capacitors, rather than running with larger electrolytic capacitors, and higher timing resistors, and not using the 16 stage ripple binary counter IC. After minor adjustments, I got the polarity switch signal for the relay to run at about a 15 minute interval as is approximately the one recommended in Crock's literature detailed on-line in a Nexus magazine article or similar such thing. The timer's output is fed into a small signal discrete NPN or PNP transistor with a suitable sized input resistor. The relay coil is bypassed for inductive kick-back using a standard silicon signal diode such as a 1N4148. The entire IC set is powered from a 9 Volt AC to DC adapter that feeds into a three pin TO-220 package 7805C voltage regulator IC with only a super small aluminum fin heat sink. The 5 volts output from that voltage regulator IC then feeds the other logic IC chips (555 timer, and the 16 stage binary counter IC). The batteries drain virtually no current, and the ICs are all so low power that the system draws less current than an LED alarm clock radio, so I let the thing run 24/7 for months at a time.

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