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What is the amount of mercury in fish oil pills and which ones don’t contain mercury

According to this article in the New York Times, there is no problem with mercury in fish oil. There is false information being spread by some companies selling more expensive fish oil. I am no expert. Read these two articles in related links below.


You need to get top quality products. Try a health food store.

The amount can vary, and in many cases, it is below the detectable levels. So the true answer is unknown. Use flax seed oil instead. There is no risk of mercury with it. The body transforms flax seed oil into omega-3.

In response to the above answer… Indeed the true answer is unknown.. although most studies have proven that chemicals (including mercury) are undetectable in the oils (due to the refining process). AS for substituting flax seed oil instead… this is interesting… I would only recommend this if you have fish allergies, or are vegan!
To those of you who may be under the impression that the Omega 3 oils in flax seed oil are the same as the Omega 3 oils found in fish oil…. The answer is a resounding no!!! While the Omega-3 fats in flax seed oil and fish oil are related, they do have a different chemical makeup.
There are three main types of fatty acids. EPA, DHA (Fish oil) and ALA (FLax seed oil). Flax seed oil vs fish oil is as simple as ALA vs EPA, DHA.
It is harder for your body to get the Omega 3’s out of the ALA fatty acids!
There is no harm in taking both flax seed oil and fish oil, but if you’re taking the supplements to get the benefits touted for Omega 3’s, you’d probably be better off just taking the fish oil supplements.
When taking fish oil supplements, make sure that the supplements you are taking are pharmaceutical grade fish oil. This will ensure that you’re getting quality fish oil supplements without getting any nasty toxins left in the fish.
In the battle of flax seed oil vs fish oil, both have their benefits, but fish oil definitely wins the battle.

Yes, I have read these reports, too. Tests on a number of fish oil supplements sold in the market reveal no harmful mercury levels. Most pharmaceutical grade fish oil supplements don’t contain mercury or other lead contaminants. So if you want to take a fish oil supplement, pharmaceutical grade fish oil has the highest purity levels as well as the highest omega 3 potency. Don’t settle for any other inferior grade fish oil supplement which may not contain mercury, but have a dangerous PCB content.

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